Automate Your Responses and Contact Management

Automation saves time while ensuring that your customers instantly get the right response and your lists are accurately updated based on the keywords in your received messages.

  • Set up keywords and define automation rules in TextMagic’s easy-to-use web app.
  • Customer sends a text message to your personal TextMagic virtual number
  • Customer gets an immediate automatic response and is added to the right list.

Autoresponder Fast to Your Customers

Reorganise and Edit Lists on the Go

Organise your contacts into lists automatically based on the keywords they send you.

Never Get Charged for Unsubscribed Recipients

Any contact who unsubscribes gets removed from your lists with our built-in automation rule.

Text or Voice Replies, Automatically Sent

Text message or voice call – the choice is yours. Choose how you want your response to be delivered.

Keywords for Free

Send targeted responses with a personal touch by selecting any keyword you like at no extra charge.

How SMS Automation Can Improve Your Business Processes


Increase company availability

Message automation rules will enable you to reply to most text messages instantly, thus becoming accessible to customers 24/7. This is a huge plus, especially for start-ups that are exploring mass text messaging.

Reduce time and resource load

Message automation reduces the need for human intervention, thus giving you more time to control, monitor and record your SMS marketing efforts.

Reduce the number of errors

Human intervention is usually synonymous with errors. Message automation eliminates most human errors and improves the reliability and predictability of your text marketing efforts.