Never Forget to Send an Important Reminder

Write Texts in Advance and use our system to schedule and send your texts when needed. Sheduler set your texts to send hourly, daily, weekly, monthy or yearly and you can edit or cancel your sheduled texts and compaings anytime

Important Event Reminders

Demonstrate you’re tech-savvy to clients and prospects by scheduling important event reminders – and make life easier for colleagues too.

Marketing Campaigns

Pre-plan seasonal SMS marketing campaigns and our scheduling service will send your messages on the specified date and time.

Critical Deadline Notifications

Improve awareness and task completion by arranging recurring urgent alerts to be sent to staff members immediately before a deadline.

How Scheduled Text Messages Can Improve Your Business

Scheduled texts can be used to streamline many business processes, but their greatest application is without a doubt in the reduction of no-shows. Let’s take a look at the main benefits of scheduled text messages:

Reduce the number of missed appointments

You can schedule texts to remind customers of upcoming appointments.

A way to save money and time

A missed appointment means three things: wasted opportunity, time and money. A simple reminder through SMS can greatly cut down on the number of lost opportunities.

One less thing to worry about

It takes a lot of effort to build a small business. There are a lot of things that you have to think about: equipment, budgeting, materials, employees, marketing, etc. Scheduled text reminders will take some of the weight off your shoulders by helping you better organise your schedule.

A chance to make some extra money

Even if some customers won’t show up, chances are that they will reply to your scheduled text messages. You can cover cancelled appointments by offering discounts to your subscriber list. First come, first serve. How do you do this? Simple. Send an SMS blast to your contacts in a matter of seconds using TextMagic’s bulk SMS software.

Reach out to customers at convenient times

Timing is everything when it comes to SMS marketing. Using TextMagic’s Reporting & Analytics tool, you can identify convenient times to contact your customers. Use this information to schedule texts and watch your open and conversion rates skyrocket.