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Whether you’re a business owner, sales rep or recruiter, turning prospects into customers is not easy task. It can be frustrating to spend hours on cold calls only to end up with a few somewhat-qualified leads. We’ve got good news: text messages are a better, more effective way to engage your prospects.

Text voiceapp of Using Text Messages for Generating Leads

Time. It’s the first thing you have to invest when setting up SMS marketing. It only takes minutes to create a keyword and send out a campaign. And unlike email marketing, you don’t need any design or development experience.

The simplicity of texts makes them an effective and easy-to-use marketing tool. Customers see 160 characters and make a decision. That decision, 17% of the time, is to click your link. You don’t get these engagement rates anywhere else. Text messages are also one of the most affordable forms of communication. Each text only costs pennies and our flexible pricing plans can accommodate any budget. Plus, every plan includes unlimited keywords, unlimited contacts and free incoming messages. Key Statistics When Considering Text Message Lead Gen. There are hundreds of services and tools promising to help you “see sales like never before.” It’s important to do your due diligence when evaluating which lead gen efforts you want to dedicate time and resources to. Let’s look at the numbers:

Key Statistics When Considering Text Message Lead Gen

  • 1% of consumers’ mobile time is spent texting
  • 9 in 10 consumers prefer texts to calls
  • 44% of people prefer to receive promotions via text
  • The average click-through rate is 17%

These are just a few of the numbers that conclude text messages are an effective tool for finding and converting leads. New research supporting the power of SMS continues to be released every day.